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Modern Mailing & Printing Services
Modern Mailing & Printing Services

These handy tips have been compiled from years of experience in the mailing industry. We hope you find them helpful!


Attracting Attention
Most people 'skim' their mail. Capture their attention with bulleted lists, dashes, check boxes, numbering, asterisks, bold type, italics, and arrows. Using full color printing is nice, but even black and white or one-color direct mail can be attention-grabbing if it is different. Modern Mailing & Printing design experts can show you how!

Make Me An Offer I Can't Refuse
Make sure you use the right direct mail offer. "FREE" will get attention and is typically preferred among consumers, but not businesses. '50% off' gets more response than stating 'half off.' Whatever the offer is - a limited time trial or an upgraded discount - Modern Mailing & Printing can help you make sure it's concise, has a real value and makes sense for your brand.

Mailer Types
Mailers can be envelopes, small or large postcards, booklets, die-cut with special windows, and textured - they are really only limited by your imagination! We encourage you to be creative, but don't forget that the QUALITY OF THE LIST is most important for delivering your MESSAGE.

Envelope Ideas
The envelope is what gets your offer opened. As direct marketing experts, we know that the outer envelope affects about 10% of the final decision of whether or not to respond. Make it look like 'normal' correspondence (such as a #10 envelope) and address directly onto the envelope to increase the odds your mailer will be opened.

Testing One, Two, Three
The best direct marketers invest in testing their mailings because they know that the audience's responses can change all the time. Marketers may try different offers, different packaging, and even different colors to see which one generates the best response. Sound costly? If pieces are produced in bulk and mailed at one time, the savings and the critical sales information are worth the effort.


  • Design your piece as a letter-size rather than a flat to save postage.
  • Don't pay the initial fee and yearly fees for your own USPS mailing permit. When we process your mailing, use our permit for free instead!
  • If you are mailing a postcard at first class rates, keep your size between 3.5" x 5" and 4.25" x 6 to get the cheaper postcard rate rather than the letter rate.


  • When designing card mailers, make sure you leave enough room to accommodate the barcode.
  • When choosing paper for self-mailers or cards, make sure the color of your stock is light enough that it will not interfere with postal barcode-reading equipment, which could increase your postage cost substantially.
  • Paper with dark flecks or patterns, background screens, etc., can interfere with barcode-reading equipment. Keep the address block free from background clutter when possible to realize full savings.
  • Card- and self-mailers, both in printing and processing, are generally less expensive than pieces inserted into envelopes. Plus, they are easier for the recipient to see the important information.


Automation: Modern Mailing & Printing's CASS Certified software improves the accuracy of carrier-route, zip code, and delivery point barcodes that appear on your mail pieces. This process ensures that your mailing will qualify for the maximum postage discounts available. The zip+4 is translated into a delivery-point barcode, which allows the postal service to run the mail through high-speed barcode readers / sorters, resulting in faster, more accurate delivery of your mailing piece.

Automated Bar Coding: This coding uses a series of vertical bars of varying heights, representing digits that can be read by a laser scanner. The United States Postal Service uses this service to expedite delivery of mail. When used by professional mailing houses like Modern Mailing & Printing, barcoding can significantly reduce postage costs and increase the speed of delivery.

Bindery: Refers to different services to finish a printed piece. These could include folding, stapling, gluing, padding, tabbing, cutting, or any other method to complete a print project and get it ready for mailing, if applicable.

CASS Certified: (Coding Accuracy Support System) This designation is used by the United States Postal Service to evaluate the accuracy of software that mailing list brokers use to clean and match addresses. It is tested for ZIP, delivery point, and carrier-route coding accuracy by the United States Postal Service.

NCOA: National Change Of Address (NCOA) is a service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that enables individuals to notify others of a new address. The NCOA file is compiled by the USPS and is made available to certain licensees who use it to update mailing lists with changed addresses.

PMS: (Pantone Matching System) A proprietary industry ink formulation that is used by printers around the globe for standardizing colors. Used in one-, two-, three-color printing projects or as an additional spot color in four-color process printing.

Ink Jet Addressing: An alternative to pressure-sensitive or Cheshire labels. Names and addresses are sprayed directly onto the mail piece giving a "cleaner," more professional appearance. Personalized teaser statements can also be added to mail pieces such as, "John - Look inside for special savings!"

Meter / Stampmaster: The postage meter and the stampmaster are two ways Modern Mailing & Printing can apply postage to mail pieces that do not have a mailing permit pre-printed. A meter applies postage with the traditional red meter ink. The stampmaster is used when our customers request pre-cancelled stamps for a mailing, which can give the mailing a more personalized look.

Tabbing: To qualify for automation (barcode) rates, folded, letter-size self-mailers must be tabbed shut with wafer seals. Round, opaque, perforated tabs are applied to the mailing piece to keep it folded while running through high-speed barcode readers at the post office. Depending on the design of the piece, one, two or more tabs could be required.


Business List: Business lists are available for all businesses in the United States. Business lists can be selected by SIC code, employee size, annual sales volume, etc. Phone, fax, and contact names are also available. Business lists can be rented for one-time use or unlimited use for one year.

Residential List: Residential lists consist of households and are available in two main types: By-Name and Occupant. Occupant lists are addressed to "Occupant" or "Current Resident" and are mailed to all available addresses in a given zip or route. By-Name lists, on the other hand, are addressed to a specific person or household. These lists can be selected with a variety of demographic factors such as age, income, length of residence, children present, etc. By-Name lists can be rented for one-time use or unlimited use for one year. Occupant lists are available for one-time use only.

Specialty Lists: Specialty lists are resident oriented. They contain residents who meet specific demographic and/or social criteria. Examples of Specialty lists include New Movers, Internet Subscribers, Mail Order Buyers, Donors and Contributors, Teachers, Students, Farmers, Pet Owners, Sports Enthusiasts, Gambling Enthusiasts, and so on. Cost varies greatly from list to list, and some require a sample mail piece before ordering. Specialty lists can be rented for one-time use or unlimited use for one year.


First Class: A quick, affordable service for basic mailing needs of postcards, letters and large envelopes weighing 13 ounces or less. Prices are based on shape and weight. Typically allows for quicker delivery of mail piece.

Presorted First Class: A reduced first-class postage rate achieved by appending barcodes and doing additional sortation on the mailing prior to submitting to the post office.

Standard Rate: A class of mail that weighs less than 16 ounces and applies to the subclasses of Regular Standard and Non-Profit Standard. Standard Rate is designed for large volume mailings where delivery time is not as critical and offers significant postage savings over first-class and presorted-first-class rates. Additional processing is performed on the mail piece prior to delivering to the post office. For the local area, delivery times can be comparable to first class, but at a much lower rate.

Periodical: A class of mail consisting of newspapers, magazines or other publications that are issued at least four times a year at regular, specified intervals. Usually sent to a list of subscribers.

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Modern Mailing & Printing Services


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